GBDA 413   |   Dealer's Choice project  |   N Gadanyi
Combining my passion for photography and love for exploring the city, I created this photographic story, "A Journey in Toronto", which depicts the human element within the bustling streets of Toronto. Following the subject's day in the city, we see glimpses of iconic buildings and landmarks as they embark on their journey. I chose to present these photos in black and white, aiming to simplify their focus, highlighting the journey over the city's surroundings. This choice emphasizes the ideas of discovery and movement, showcasing the unique beauty of navigating the city and acknowledging the human aspect of Toronto's streets. To add a truly Toronto touch, I wanted to incorporate how the city moves, using travel and the sounds therein as a tool to hold the journey together as viewers embark on this journey through photos.
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Designed with ❤️ and 🏳️‍🌈 in Toronto.